Tuesday, 21 June 2016



          Has laptops taken over our lives ? Asked Generation Y how many hours they spend with a laptop per day. Surely it is less than Generation Z. The ideal usage of laptops is to release tension. Not to create tension. With the combination of internet and laptop, one can sit in a room for days without getting any sunshine or ray of light. Basically I want to talk about the pros and cons. The negatives and the positives. The ups and downs of using a laptop ?

          Number one : Finishing a task on time. Using the state of the art of technology (laptops) , has numerous apps and programmes that can assist us in either an assignment, presentation, worksheet and so on and so forth. In addition , using laptops can also make your presentation more imaginative and creative. Well, of course it depends on the creativity of the individual , but by just simply a click of a button, your work can out stand with the others'. 

          Number two : Release tension. I am sure in each laptop on this earth has at least one game that enables the user to play during his or her free time. This creates a short getaway from the hectic life of school or work. Even housewives play games right ? I mean, just imagine it. Sitting in a room with air conditioning right on your face , playing Counter Strike. Ahhh ! It feels so right to me,

          Moving on to the cons. Firstly : Waste of time. Without effective time management, the most vital thing to do is stay away from your laptop. It's like chocolate. Once you have it , you are stuck but unless you have a strong resistance towards it. Really , the thing that we can do to overcome this problem is just simply limiting yourself to a couple of hours of laptop usage per day. Let's say an hour and a half maybe ? Yeahh

          Second con is : Breaking the bond between society. With everybody in front of the screen , very limited amount of people can master the social skills in real life (not Instagram or Twitter) and the other huge amounts just taking popularity , followers or likes into consideration. Without social skills, you will fail in life. 

          That's basically it for the writing session. See you later next week ! (Hopefully)

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