Thursday, 23 June 2016

The Conjuring 2

          Brief summary : The well known supernatural movie , The Conjuring returns with its sequel of the second movie. This time by giving us more scarier entities named Valak. It all started with a supernatural case in Amityville , North London. Ed and Lorraine went there just because of this serious case. Valak (known as the President of Hell) , has command on an elderly man who died in his house. And sort of using the entity of the old man as her puppet, Valak commanded it to scare a family. Long story short, Lorraine had a vision of her husband's death. But luckily, all of that was evaded and the family was safe from Valak.

          The material reminded me of and I'm sorry for saying this , the idiotic behavior of the younger sibling and I can't remember his name. Supposedly , If you hear something downstairs and you are sleeping at 2 in the morning , you don't go downstairs just to see what is going on. Instead you should lay down under your blanket and pray nothing will happen to you and your family.

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