Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Finding Dory

               A brief summary of this story : Dory suddenly had her memories of having a family and she was so determined to find her parents by visualizing her childhood. Turns out that Dory and her parents were born in an aquarium at Marine Life Institute in San Francisco Bay , California. Dory met a helpful octopus named Hank who guided her through each step in exchange for a tag because Hank wants to go to Cleveland to live alone in an aquarium. With the help of her other friends, Dory was finally reunited with her parents and lived happily ever after. I think so....

               The moral values that I had learnt from this movie is friendship. How Marlin and Nemo would travel across the sea just to find Dory's parents is an example of how friends should sacrifice for each other. Secondly, family bond. Even suffering from short term memory lose, Dory still remembered a thing or two during her childhood with her parents. She was finally able to connect the dots and reunited with her parents. 

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