Tuesday, 21 June 2016


          After almost a month reading this novel , I finally finished it. The story ended with four women ending up their throats being slashed with a hunting knife , a woman in a coma , and Simone herself getting stabbed in the chest but managed to do a recovery. Theses horrific incidents were caused by one man , Nathaniel. Which is the son of Dolores King, who ran over Neil Walker off the road until his Saab rolled down the hill. Nathaniel was sent to a mental facility for life and according to the officer he will never "feel the fresh air ever again". All the hard work , sweat , tears and guts that Simone had put through has paid off. She is now currently at a prestigious news company at New York. Everyone appreciated her astonishing effort in solving these cases. 

          I liked the material because it has a wide vocab of words which helps me to improve my knowledge in grammar. Whenever I read a word that I don't understand , I highlighted with my highlight and later after I finished reading the novel for the day , I look up in the dictionary and find those meanings. Secondly, it has a bit of romance in this novel which I like a lot. Thirdly and mainly because it is a mystery novel. I just love suspense and dot-connecting stories. And also romance. 

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