Thursday, 23 June 2016


          You love planes because they are great! Just think about the awesome things it can do! it can fly! You can see your house from the sky! An airplane is like a controllable roller coaster! And they look like they are a creation of god* himself. With planes, the possibilities are endless. You can make money with them by transporting passengers and cargo, or show your pilot skills to a lot of other plane enthusiasts on an airshow. You can even use then to conquer enemies! Planes are also so awesome because they come in all shapes and sizes, so there's almost always at least one model you may like. Also, i think the sound of a jet engine is just terrific.

          I started loving plane when I was standard one. By playing Playstation 1 a game called , Ace Combat , which is a virtual simulation of a jet fighter, I got addicted into flying and later bought all the fling simulation games. Until at one point I got sick of playing games , my next hobby is collecting model planes. I collected all my savings from my pocket money and went shopping for model airplanes. At my times, there was a model airplane shop in MidValley but unfortunately the store closed. With my brother, I shop till I drop ( well not actually). When I got home , the next step is to assemble the planes, spray them with paint and voila done !

          Currently, I have over 50 model airplanes is my house ranging from passenger airliners, helicopters and military jets. Until now when I looked at the glassed closet, I felt proud of my hard work all these years collecting them. Other than buying them at local stores, I also bought planes whenever I travelled to oversea. For instance, when I went to Dubai , I got the chance to buy two Emirates aircraft with a scale of 1:400. 


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