Wednesday, 5 October 2016

The Magnificent Seven

          This movie is about a group of seven cowboys who came together to help defend a hopeless village from getting robed by an evil entrepreneur. This evil entrepreneur, Bart Bogue, chased away the villagers to dig up the gold buried under the village. A helpless woman who witnessed her husband being killed by the man earlier, seeks for help and got one. The first man who was willing to help her and the villagers, Sam Chisolm , recruited six other men to help him in the fight. After the battle had ended, the villagers finally won and killed Bogue and his men. 

          Apart from the action and the humor, I kinda dislike this story just because there was only three of the seven men survived. I had to witness the death of their friends all their sacrifice they had made. One quote that I was amazed from this movie is " they gave up their lives just to fight the battle that had nothing to do with them" something like that.

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