Monday, 10 October 2016


          The novel To Kill A Mockingbird was published by Harper Lee, at which during The Great Depression, the colored people were oppressed by the white people in all aspects be it education, social , politics and so on. Luckily, I have made it through the novel and able to understand the contents as well as the author's intention in publishing this masterpiece.

           Personally, this novel affected me about the condition of racism in United States. I learnt that during the Great Depression, the colored people were not even considered as people ergo no human rights at all. It was okay to kill a colored people but a serious crime if they kill a white man. There were so many rules that segregate the white and the colored ones. Colored people were not allowed to eat together, they could not shake hands with the white people, separate educations, and so on. These conditions made me realize that in Malaysia, racism was not so bad as the United States. As for me who is going to the United States to further my studies, I need to be more careful in socializing with the people there. I need to do more research about their culture and history to keep my social acquaintance. Sensitive issues such as racism, religions and culture can not be exposed publicly and if I want to talk about these, I need to find a true friend who will understand my queries. 

          Other than that, I realized that the with the power of unity, nothing is impossible. Why ? Because after this novel had been published, the colored people shed their fears and began to fight for their human rights. Consequently, more and more white people realize that they are the same with us. Iconic legends such as JFK, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King began to lead the movement and support these colored people in getting their justice. Thus, that is what the symbol 'mockingbird' means in the novel. "All they do was just sing songs for us and not do any harm and that is why it is a sin to kill a mockingbird". 

          In a nutshell, I feel that this novel is a must for everyone. It makes you realize that all the people on planet earth is the same and we should treat one another with respect and full of dignity. 

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