Saturday, 15 October 2016


          Recently, the CEO of Boeing has declared the they are competing with SpaceX to arrive first in Mars. Everyone was shocked when he declared this statement in Chicago last week. Claiming that their reputation is better than Space X in aerospace , with 111 rocket launches in a row without accidents, they are planning to send their man on the Red Planet approximately in year 2034. However, SpaceX rebuts this "grand" reputation by stating that they will send an unmanned spaceship called Dragon 2 in the year 2018 and claimed that they will have their men on Mars nine years earlier than Boeing. 

          However, putting all rivalries aside, both of them have their own plans back here on Earth. For instance Boeing, is developing a hypersonic aircraft that can transport passengers from New York to California in just 12 minutes with an aircraft that travels up to mach 20. Meanwhile for SpaceX , they have been in the control of launching rockets and soon they have the idea of transporting passengers around the world in 45 minutes tops. If there is a floating platform in the Atlantic, a person can travel from California to Japan in just 15 minutes and New York from London in 10 minutes flat. We as the society, can't wait for the new technology that will surprises us in the future but we must be wise in choosing them for our own safety. 

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