Sunday, 29 May 2016

          The new Jurassic World, owned by the corporation of Simon Masrani operates in Isla Nublar, Central America, with dinosaurs genetically created by the InGen Company. The workaholic and uptight manager Claire Dearing receives her nephews Gray and Zach in the park, but she is too busy to give attention to them and asks her assistant to escort the boys. Meanwhile the dedicated Owen Grady is training four velociraptors and the InGen security guard Vic Hoskins believes that the animal can be trained for military use. When Owen and two other employees go to an isolated paddock to evaluate the new attraction of the park, the hybrid dinosaur Indominus Rex, the animal lures them, kills the two men and flees from the spot. Owen escapes and asks Masrani to kill the Indominus, but he believes his security team can contain and capture the animal that cost lots of money. However the team is destroyed by the Indominus and Claire orders the evacuation of the tourists from the island. But the dangerous pterosaurs escape from the aviary and the place goes havoc. Meanwhile Gray and Zach are riding a gyro-sphere in the restricted area and Claire and Owen seek them out. With the chaos in the island, Vic assumes the command and decides to use the four velociraptors to locate and destroy the Indominus. However , his plan failed as Indominus Rex is part of raptor and can communicate with the raptors to give a new command to kill them. 

          Because of the strong bond and effective communication between Owen and his raptors , he was able to manipulate the new command and give a new one to attack the Indominus. After one by one raptor was defeated , Claire had no options but to release the greatest and fiercest dino predator , the T-Rex ( which was seen on the old movies). T Rex and Indominus Rex had a one on one battle and with the assistance of the raptor , Indominus was finally eaten by the huge sea dinosaur  , mamosaurus.

          Honestly , by watching the material it did not change me as a person. Well maybe a slight because of the bravery shown by Owen and his love for his raptors. But other than that , it was only for entertainment and thrils. The movie also gave vision to me of how this world would be when pre-historic animals collide with the modern technology, gene modification. Surely anyone with knowledge and money would be able to create their own monster. 

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