Friday, 27 May 2016

Chapter 4-Chapter 8

          For the first three chapters , I rarely understood the story line . Well maybe it's because that it is only the beginning of the novel. However , when I read until the 8th chapter, this novel kinda get into my interest. Previously , Emerald Deegan was still alive , but now , she was found dead in her bedroom with splatters of blood covering every inch of the mattress sheet. The authorities and news conference believed that she committed a suicide by slitting her own throat with a paring knife. When Simone first walked into the crime scene , she was so noxious and had the urge to puke when she saw the bloody red bed and Emerald's pale hand sticking out from the plastic that was covering her body. Honestly , this sent me a chill. 

          The author made an approach to the reader by using persuasive style of writing which stated that Emerald was first dead because of suicide. However , her personal assistant , Holly revealed that she was murdered and the murderer was stalking her now. However , the police did not listen to her which resulted a great amount of stress for her. Other than that , the author used very descriptive details of the incidence and I quote "So much blood , around one small bed. She shot herself? Or did someone else..... She could not reconcile that with this blood, this smell, that unadorned limb like a stage prop on the stained satin sheet". 


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