Saturday, 21 May 2016

Chapter 1 - Chapter 3

          So far I have read this novel , it has a very complicated story line and currently I am still working to understand them. The brief summary from the three chapters . Simone is a graduate from a well known university with a degree in journalism. She has a sister named Greta whom is also a journalist but the difference between them is , Greta has a permanent job. Tired of getting rejected from newspaper companies, journalists and so on , Simone decides to take on huge step an move to Los Angeles to find a satisfying job in the journalism world. Her sister warned her that LA does not just crush dreams , but it will also crush you. Despite of her sister's quote , Simone got a job with an average company called Asteroid. Her first assignment was to investigate about Emerald Deegan , an actress who is believed to have coke addiction. After going all her trash during midnight , Simone was surprised to see a Jimmy Choo silver stiletto with stains of blood. Then , it came flooding into her mind , an actress named Nia Lawson was killed in the bathroom of her apartment wearing only one silver heel and the other was missing. Could it be ? 

          Her investigation continued where she was assigned with another journalist named Kathy. They were to find secrets about Emerald Deegan during her shooting at a studio by disguising as extras. Surprisingly, both of them were invited into Emerald's trailer by herself. A surprising discover found that in the bathroom , Simone saw a fresh and saturated stain of blood in the sink. The more story awaits me in the other chapters hehehe. 

          If I could change on thing about the material , I would definitely include more interesting style of description. This is because , for the three chapters I had read , I must say that honestly , the style of writing is so boring. Nevertheless, I will keep on trying to comprehend the style of writing in this novel as I am eager to get to the end of this novel to know to ending. 

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