Thursday, 10 November 2016

Season 7: Episode 1

           This brand new season kicks off with a sequel from the last season which was Sheldon leaving his friends due to the fast changes that was happening around them : his girlfriend Amy wants to move in with him , his best friend got engaged, and so on. He took this action by leaving Pasadena via train travelling all around the country. A month later, Leonard ( his best friend) got a call from Sheldon saying that all he has adapted the life of a hobo and all his belongings were stolen one morning resulting in bottomless clothing, running around a train station. Having to drive six hours to Arizona, Amy followed Leonard to pick up Sheldon. 

          On another case, Penny was getting a job interview for pharmaceutical sales that was arranged by Bernadette. The panel of the interview (Uncle Dan), was Bernadette's uncle. When Penny blew the interview, she had something in common with Dan : fear of Bernadette. They kept on talking for hours and hours and lastly getting the job she wanted.

          I would definitely watch this material again. The reason why I said this is because the jokes that they presented will never be old. They were brilliant jokes with a combination of their humorous personality and the intelligent jokes. I would say that this TV series is the best series ever !

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