Friday, 15 July 2016

Movie : In Time

                    Just watched this movie as a group at 8.30 pm just now. Fantastic ! A great blend of romance, action , humor and plot twists. In Time tells a story that the human race stopped aging, but there's a catch, every person is engineered to live for a certain period based on clock on their wrists. Some live a year, some for a million years, and some for eons. When the clock reaches zero, you are immediately dead. Justin Timberlake , or Will Salas has been given a gift from a millionaire, 100 years addition to his clock. He met his love of his love and made a getaway (crime like) with her. Slyvia's father is a billionaire who has eons of years to his clock. Both of them felt that it is not fair for some people can be immortal and the reality should be is that everyone must die one day. The couple stole a million years from Slyvia's father, distributing them to the public. They continue the journey by robbing other large banks for years of live for other people.

                   One lesson I learned from this material is that a system based on clocks on their wrists as their respective life span, is not appropriate at all. With the timer counting down, people will gain stress and drives them to do what ever it takes just to stay alive. For instance in this movie, a man and a gang hunts down rich people just to take their life span time. This case demonstrates that this system will result an increasingly amount of criminals and create disorders in the country. You can't cheat death, it will always come for you. At the right time, at the right place

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